Fighting For The Disability Benefits You Need And Deserve


Millions of Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia, a condition marked by chronic and severe pain. While the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, victims suffer very real symptoms, including chronic and severe muscle and joint pain, bowel problems, and thinking and memory problems (“fibro fog”). Depression and anxiety are also common. At the Disability and Injury Law Offices of David R. Machek, we offer experienced and strategic legal advocacy to help individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia and their families seek financial assistance. We know that fibromyalgia can leave you unable to manage day-to-day tasks and out of the workforce. Let us help you collect the benefits you are entitled to.

Fibromyalgia, like other diseases that are not diagnosable according to clear “objective” medical tests, is difficult to prove as a basis for disability benefits. However, with appropriate medical treatment, legal advice and documentation, you and your family may be able to secure government benefits, including Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

For claims involving fibromyalgia, the Social Security Administration may look at the strength of pain medications being taken, alternative treatments tried and whether there are other medical causes for your symptoms. Especially important is a clinical medical exam that documents the classic “trigger points” found in fibromyalgia cases.

During the review, the SSA will likely consider whether you are seeing a rheumatologist or simply a general practice doctor. Medical records from a specialist who genuinely feels that your fibromyalgia is disabling will have a positive impact on your claim. Our attorneys have experience with cases involving fibromyalgia, including diagnosis through trigger points and treatments, including Cymbalta and Lyrica.

If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, we can help you recover the benefits you deserve. Fibromyalgia is considered a disability. Call us now if you suffer from symptoms, including chronic muscle pain, joint pain, bowel problems (diarrhea or constipation); memory and thinking problems; depression or anxiety; and insomnia and sleep problems.

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic pain or has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it is important to get professional medical attention as soon as possible. Because fibromyalgia can be difficult to diagnose, it is important to assemble a clear and extensive medical record that documents your illness. Not only will seeking treatment improve your chances of recovery, it will also increase your chances of collecting benefits. Social Security will look for proof of medical diagnosis as well as follow-up treatments to support your case and claim.

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