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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Disability Benefits

When ailments cannot be seen on a microscope slide or conclusively diagnosed through standard testing, it can be very difficult to obtain Social Security disability benefits. One condition that can be difficult to detect, diagnose and demonstrate to the Social Security Administration is chronic fatigue syndrome. While sufferers endure very real symptoms, the process of applying for benefits can be very challenging.

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The Social Security Administration relies heavily on objective tests to determine whether a person suffers a disability significant enough to warrant benefits. If such tests don’t exist, it is important to develop other evidence to make a case for an award of benefits.

Our attorney understands the unique challenges presented by ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome when attempting to secure Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security has a ruling (SSR 99-2p) on the documentation of chronic fatigue syndrome that includes some objective standards. One of the objective criteria is a positive blood test for the Epstein-Barr virus.

You may also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome if you have any of the following symptoms: major depression, excessive sleep, fatigue, loss of memory or concentration, sore throat, swollen or tender lymph nodes, unexplained muscle pain or headaches.

No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, it is important to report them to your doctor. Seeking medical treatment will help you find health solutions while you document your condition for the Social Security Administration. You should explain your condition in detail, including the number of hours you sleep and for how long. Be sure to report how often you need to nap and for how long you nap. Beyond stating that you are tired and fatigued, you should be able to explain in detail the very real effects of your condition.

Our attorney can help you document your illness to ensure that you are able to present your case thoroughly to the SSA. Chronic fatigue syndrome can leave you unable to care for your family, maintain a job or even manage daily activities. We can help you pursue the disability benefits you need.

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