Fighting For The Disability Benefits You Need And Deserve

Be Clear About Your Disabling Symptoms When Talking To Doctors

If you have pain, tell your doctors where it is, how frequently you experience it, how severe it is, and how it affects your ability to sit, stand, walk, lift and carry. Also, describe how the pain affects your ability to perform your normal day-to-day activities. If the pain interrupts your sleep, tell your doctor exactly how many hours a night you are able to sleep. If you are so tired during the day that you fall asleep (nap), be sure to tell your doctor how many days a week you nap and how many times a day you nap and for how long.

You need to be completely honest with your doctors about your symptoms. If you tell them that you are “fine” or “okay,” Social Security will assume that you are able to work. Persons who are in denial about their medical conditions will be far less likely to have their applications approved for this reason.

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