Many people think that Social Security disability benefits are a form of government welfare.  This is simply untrue.  Social Security disability insurance benefits are insurance benefits that you pay for through the Social Security taxes that you pay.  Just as you work and pay taxes to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, you also must work and pay taxes to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.  Many people confuse SSDI benefits with SSI.  SSI is a welfare program that pays a small monthly stipend to poor people who have little or no income and few assets.  There is no work requirement to qualify for SSI payments. To get Social Security disability benefits, you must be disabled and paid Social Security taxes for a specified period of time.  So, let me be clear, Social Security disability is NOT a welfare program. People getting these disability benefits have worked and paid taxes and earned those disability benefits just as a retiree has worked and earned their Social Security benefits.

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