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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Completing State Agency Social Security Disability Forms

After your application for disability benefits is submitted to the Social Security Administration, your disability claim will be sent to a state disability determination agency and assigned to a disability claims adjudicator. That person will be in touch with you by mail and often by telephone as well.  The disability claims adjudicator will send you one or more sets of forms to complete. Those forms are normally a “Daily Activities Questionnaire” and/or an “Adult Function Report.”


Prepare the answers to these disability forms very carefully. Describe your abilities and activities realistically, not the way you wish they would be or the way they used to be.  The answers you give on these disability forms can play a large role in determining whether your disability claim will be approved or denied.  This means that the more active you appear in these forms, the more likely it will be that your disability claim will be denied by the state agency.  How you spend your day. – Emphasize your limitations.  Describe what you do on a bad day, not your best day.  If you need to rest, nap or lie down during the day because of pain or fatigue, be sure to include that.  Activities. – Think about how you actually do things, not how you used to do them.  Do you need help with chores that you used to do for yourself?  Does it take you longer to do a task because you need to take breaks?  Can you only perform chores on a “good day,” but not on a “bad day?”  You want to emphasize your limitations.  Explain how infrequently you are able to perform activities and how you do them differently now because of your symptoms.  In a nutshell, you need to explain how your medical problems have changed your life.

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