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SSI/SSDI Recipients Can Get Child Stimulus Payments through September 30, 2020

Starting now.  SSI and Social Security recipients who haven’t yet gotten their $500 stimulus payments per dependent child have a new chance to get the payments.  They will need to fill out the non-filer tax form on the IRS web site by September 30, 2020.  They will likely get the payments in October 2020.  SSI and Social Security recipients should have received their $1,200 individual stimulus payments automatically.  Now, they have until September 30, 2020 to fill out the IRS non-filer tax form, to get $500 stimulus payments for their dependent children.  Other people who don’t usually file taxes can fill out the form through October 15, 2020, to get payments of $1,200 for adults and $500 for dependent children.  People who get stuck can call the IRS’s hotline at (800) 919-9835.

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