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How Does The Compassionate Allowance Program Affect Social Security Disability Claims?

In the last few blogs, we offered advice for submitting the strongest possible application for Social Security disability insurance benefits. A persuasive initial SSDI claim, if successful, will avoid the months of delays associated with administrative appeals.

The Social Security Administration does not process all initial applications in the same manner. Social Security has compiled a list of compassionate allowances for serious conditions that qualify for expedited administrative processing. The SSA’s list of around 225 serious diseases and medical conditions is the result of ongoing public outreach, hearings and public comments, as well as input from other federal agencies and medical advocates. Broad categories include autoimmune diseases, various cancers, and other devastating conditions.

In theory, a worker who has been diagnosed with a compassionate allowance condition may automatically qualify for SSDI benefits because of the severity of the associated disability. However, our law office recommends that an attorney review all initial applications, even those based on a compassionate allowance condition. The reason is simple: expedited reviews still result in denials if applicants fail to be very clear about why they are eligible for SSDI payments. In other words, an applicant must provide acceptable, objective medical evidence of his or her compassionate allowance condition.

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