Fighting For The Disability Benefits You Need And Deserve

Former NFL Players Struggle With Disability Benefits Too

The NFL Players Association will review the disability provisions in the collective bargaining agreement ratified in March that are set to take away tens of thousands of dollars in benefits from permanently disabled former players.  Changes to the Total and Permanent Disability benefit clause are being considered. Under the new agreement, former NFL players will see the amount they receive from the NFL in disability benefits reduced by the amount of their Social Security disability benefit.

Also under reconsideration is a provision that only allows NFL doctors to determine if a former player qualifies for benefits. For now, if a player is approved to receive Social Security disability benefits the NFL will release monthly benefits. This provision will be phased out under the agreement with owners.  Lorenzo Alexander, one of the executive committee members, said that he is concerned more players will be denied benefits in the future if only NFL doctors are allowed to determine if former NFL players are disabled.  “Guys go through the Social Security system, which is a lot more inclusive about what is considered disabled and also more unbiased,” he said.

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