Fighting For The Disability Benefits You Need And Deserve

Do I Have a Winning Social Security Disability Application?

Our law firm focuses exclusively on disability law, and we have helped hundreds of disabled individuals improve and submit their applications for Social Security disability insurance benefits to the Social Security Administration. Our experience allows us to offer strategic tips, to answer questions about the application process, and to provide continuing legal assistance in the event of a denial.

Tip #1: Since most disability examiners are not medical professionals, it is important to provide as much medical evidence as possible. The examiner will appreciate medical records and documentation that describes an applicant’s diagnosed medical condition, the date it began, the limitations that the condition has imposed upon one’s activities, as well as diagnostic testing and treatments.

Tip #2: A disability examiner will be looking for evidence of functional limitations. The examiner will want documentation of how an individual’s conditions prevent him or her from performing work type activities. For that reason, an application can be strengthened by describing all symptoms, even those that may be outside the scope of the primary medical diagnosis such as: depression, anxiety, emotional distress, fatigue (including napping), chronic pain and other symptoms often accompany physical injuries and diseases.

Tip #3: We encourage applicants to file for disability benefits as soon as they think they might be eligible. The best time to consult a disability attorney is before you stop working. We talk with individuals every day who are still working but see the end of their work days in sight. Let us help you decide when the best time is to file your disability claim.  Our advice is always free. We are paid only if you are awarded benefits. Call us to day for a free analysis of your situation. Our phone numbers are Jenkintown : 215-385-5353 and Philadelphia : 215-323-5320.