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Can I Work and Still Pursue Social Security or SSI Disability Benefits?

It is possible to work within certain guidelines and also apply for Social Security or SSI disability benefits. When pursuing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you cannot earn more than what is considered by the Social Security Administration as “substantial gainful activity” or (SGA). This amount is $1,260 per month before taxes for 2020.  When applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you can not have significant income or assets. However, not all income and assets count toward SSI eligibility and the calculation of countable income and assets is complex. Thus, any income from employment may possibly put your eligibility for SSI at risk. Income from employment may or may not affect SSDI eligibility. At the Disability and Injury Law Offices of David R. Machek, we can help you determine how working may effect your eligibility for disability benefits. Please email us at: [email protected] or call us at Jenkintown 215-385-5353 or Philadelphia 215-323-5320.