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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a recognized anxiety disorder under Social Security Disability Law. If you have a history of panic episodes in the workplace or cannot leave your home because of your condition, you may qualify for disability benefits. A panic attack is an episode of terror, irrational fear or extreme distress. The attacks are sudden, intense and uncontrollable - terrifying and even physically painful at the time, and afterward leaving the person feeling raw, exhausted, humiliated and depressed. Panic attacks may arise from a specific triggering event or may occur without warning for no identifiable reason. Panic episodes are manifested in different ways: heart palpitations, racing heartbeat or chest pain, Sweating, trembling, chills or flush, dizziness or fainting, shrieking or crying, shortness of breath or hyperventilating, sensation of choking or smothering, nausea or bowel discomfort, claustrophobia, or agoraphobia (fear of people or open spaces). Successful claims usually require documentation of: frequent, intense and unpredictable panic attacks and related psychological, emotional or physiological issues such as depression, weight loss, inability to concentrate or fear of leaving one's house.

At the Disability and Injury Law Offices of David R. Machek, Esq., we know that panic attacks are very real and debilitating. The symptoms of an actual attack subside, but many people can be paralyzed by depression, anxiety and phobias from fearing the next uncontrollable episode. We also know that it is difficult to qualify for disability benefits for a panic disorder. Our legal team has enabled panic-prone individuals to secure benefits under Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Our firm serves the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

We understand how the Social Security Administration assesses claims for anxiety and why claims are denied. Our lawyers help our clients document their symptoms, treatment and any work-related triggers, and specific ways that panic attacks and fear of the next attack inhibit their ability to function in a job setting. Contact us online or call (215) 886-0398 to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We take all cases on a contingency basis, so you owe us nothing unless we win your claim.

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